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Postby Dustin Stinett » 01/17/03 01:20 AM

The Academy of Magical Arts (The Magic Castle) has a new "newsletter." Of course, it's no newsletter: it's a glossy magazine of 32-pages plus full color covers (inside and out). Edited by Erika Larsen with design and layout by Steve Mitchell, it will be published quarterly (this first one is dated January 2003, so the assumption then would be that the next ones will appear in April, July and October). There apparently will also be a scaled down (plain paper?) monthly supplement. The quarterly will carry advertising to help defer the costs. It is very nicely written (though I did notice one rather regrettable typo: Irene Larsen is not a shoe--and a few punctuation errors that will drive Steve Bryant crazy) and lavishly produced. I particularly enjoyed all the old photos that graced the center section. Overall, it's a very nice publication (probably a future collectable) and the future direction this magazine could take is thrilling to consider.

My congratulations and thanks to the Board of Directors and especially to Erika Larsen and her team!

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Postby Richard Kaufman » 01/17/03 10:38 AM

Yes, it is nice. The current plan is for the monthly newsletter to go to 8 pages 8 times a year, and for the larger magazine to be issued 4 times. This is only supposed to run for the 40th anniversary year. Frankly, I don't think they're quite sure what they're going to do after that.
Except for the horrific typos (Jay "Osy" among many others), it's a nice job.
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