Caesar's Empire Closed?

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Postby Guest » 12/02/02 04:28 PM

O.k. I need to know what's up... someone has posted at one of the "minor" sites, that Caesar's is closing the Magical Empire and re-doing it?

Is there any truth to this rumor?

Postby Brad A._dup1 » 12/02/02 07:08 PM

I thought there was another post about this ....

It is my understanding that Caesars Magical Empire's last day was Saturday November 30.

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Postby Tom Dobrowolski » 12/03/02 07:32 AM

This is from

Caesars Magical Empire in Las Vegas has officially, and finally, closed on November 30. As previously reported the on again off again venue has been scheduled to be scraped many times over the past few years but always managed to survive. In September notice was given to the staff of the Nov. 30 closing. The 40+ million dollar venue which opened in the summer of 1996 was profitable but with the upcoming opening of Celine Dion's show at Caesars it was decided that the space could be better used.
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Postby Jeff Eline » 12/03/02 10:01 AM

I guess you can't expect it to last forever. What a shame. :( It was a great place for magic. My wife and I visited there January 2000 and saw Earl Nelson, Jeff McBride and several very talented guys doing strolling work. Where else can you see so much good work under one roof?
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