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Postby Chance Wolf » 01/04/03 12:54 PM

I, Chance Wolf, the Owner of Wolf's Magic as well as Creator, Designer & Manufacturer of Whimsical Productions have chosen to part with Viking Magic as the Exclusive distributor of MY Ideas and Products. Viking will maintain the Rights to the NAME "Whimsical Productions" however, the Rights to the EFFECTS remain solely to me as the Creator. Just to keep the Gossip to a Minimum and let the truth be known, I am informing you of what I think is important information for you as a potential buyers of MY creations.
We have chosen to give exclusive LIMITED rights to for SOME of our effects including the ABC Gumball Re-Combobulator.
George Robinson Jr. is truly one of the finest Crafstman, Thinker and source of tremendous knowledge in Magic that I have ever met. I have and always will have a great respect for him. Unfortunatley, in Business, viewpoints may conflict and lead to a situation such as me deciding to go on my own. This does not make anybody right or wrong. I want to state, for the record,that every prop sold through Viking was personally Designed,Created & Hand-Built by Me and all ABC Gumball Re-Combobulators will continue with the same Quality and Workmanship as before. Given the new situation, it paves the path to offer even MORE features and quality upgrades continuing to bring you the Ultimate Kid's Magic effects.
Shelley and I are the Owners of Wolf's Magic as well as the ONLY people creating and building these effects. We are clearly a small company with our HEARTS deeply dedicated to bringing New High Quality effects to you. We have sacrificed more than you can imagine to make this possible and are thankful for all the Incredible Response from those that have bought or seen our products. Keep your eyes open on my website for upcoming, revolutionary effects.
Thank you for your support and Shelley and I wish you all well,
Chance Wolf
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Chance Wolf
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