Maven book on Gilbreath Principle?

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Postby Joe Mckay » 11/07/02 03:33 AM

Anyone help me out here?

A few years ago I read somewhere that Max Maven is working on a book devoted to The Gilbreath Principle :eek: ...Anyone know if this is true? And if so, how soon it will be published? :confused:

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Postby Mike Powers » 11/07/02 06:05 AM

When Max lectured in Chicago last year (or the year before?) he mentioned that he was working on such a book. He didn't indicate when it might be published.

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Postby Max Maven » 11/07/02 01:57 PM

The Gilbreath book is coming along; there are, however, other projects that have slowed down my progress.

I'm still hoping to get it out by late next year. In the meantime, Ibidem 3, Aziz & Beyond is forthcoming, and there's a smaller book on a different principle that will be out in January.
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Postby Brian Marks » 11/07/02 10:14 PM

Anything you put out Max I am sure will be more than worth it and I anxiously await its publication.
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Postby Guest » 01/20/03 01:47 AM

In his lecture in Helsinki, Finland this weekend (17/1-2003) Max said that book will be ready 2004!


Postby Q. Kumber » 01/20/03 01:39 PM

Max lectured in Belfast, Ireland yesterday. It was a four hour lecture and the time flew by.

It ranks in with the top five lectures I have experienced. Would that all lecturers speak with such authority and respect for their subject.

He also mentioned the Gilbreath book. I'm sure you can all guess what it will be called?
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