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Postby Guest » 08/27/02 01:20 AM

The life so beautiful is not it? So many books go out soon!! The new book of Darwin Ortiz, J Carney, Aaron Ficher(very soon) ,Cornelius, next year Bebel, M Vincent, J Bannon, Jay Sankey and last but not least a new DVD of Troy Hooser in september and so many tricks of Bob Kolher and Bob Fitch......the life so beautiful is not it?

Simon the happy! :)

Postby Guest » 08/27/02 06:40 AM

...and Tamariz on Memorized Deck...and Jimmy Grippo?

Postby Pete Biro » 08/27/02 06:36 PM

I prefer the old books and take the effects to you own new heights... :cool:
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Postby Guest » 08/28/02 04:04 AM

New books with old effects

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