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Postby Guest » 11/18/03 07:44 PM

Did anyone on the forum attend the AHOM? Joe Turner, are you out there? Any details you can give? This is usually a GREAT, small, friendly convention - unfortunately I couldn't attend this year. Any word from attendees?? --Asrah

Postby Joe M. Turner » 11/24/03 07:17 PM

I attended as much of the convention as I could. As is typical, the organization was last-minute. The line-up was strong but nobody knew when the convention would actually start until the day before the event!

It was a Friday/Saturday convention, unlike the 3-day conventions of the past. Friday started with a lecture/show by Charles Pecor. Some good stuff, including the Linking Ring mentalism trick of the year from last year. I had lunch with some friends and then had to leave, missing the juggling workshop by Ivan Pecel. I saw some of Ken Scott's lecture on working kidshows, then some of Henry Evans and Danny Archer.

Saturday kicked off with a close-up competition which I did not see, but which had only 3 entrants. Had lunch with Dan & Carol Garrett, then caught David Williamson's lecture. I had to leave for a show, meaning that I missed Rich Marotta's lecture, Jason Latimer's lecture, the evening show with Tony Chapek and Amos Levkovitch.

Diane always runs a friendly convention, which seems to come together like magic at the last possible minute. I wish I could have spent more time at the convention than I did.

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