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Postby Guest » 09/26/01 01:13 PM

I was watching the movie "Finding Forester" the one with Connery. And to my shock and delight I happened to see Tom Mullica, he had a line or two. It was GREAT.
Has anyone else seen this, or was I on some sort on "substance"?
ALSO has anyone seen any other famous magicians in movies i.e. David Copperfield in "Terror Train" opposite Jamie Lee Curtis.
Please feel free to post on this.


Postby Guest » 09/26/01 01:47 PM

Yes, you saw Tom Mullica in Finding Forrester. There have been many magicians over the years that have been in movies, TV, etc. It's always cool to spot one though.

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Postby Gary Freed » 09/26/01 04:00 PM

What timing. I just saw Finding Forrester last Sunday with my daughter....had her rewind when I saw Mullica (ashamed to say I was waiting for him to pop a bunch of cigarettes in his mouth)
I haven't seen him in a movie before..would like to know it he's been hidden in others as well.
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Postby Andy Hurst » 09/27/01 01:21 AM

I think I saw David Blaine in "Family Man", but it might have just been a tree.
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Postby Jim Maloney_dup1 » 09/27/01 09:59 PM

I just saw "Lord of Illusions" today - a Clive Barker film starring Scott Bakula (of Quantum Leap & the new Star Trek series). In the movie, they take you inside the Magic Castle for a bit, and sitting there is none other than Billy McComb, playing a character named "Walter Wilder." He has a small part - a few lines as he takes Soctt Bakula's character around the Magic Castle. You also get to see him perform some card manipulations when he's sitting at the bar.

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Postby Guest » 09/28/01 12:00 PM

While briefly watching the beginning of "The Grifters" the other night I swear I saw Dean Dill sitting at the bar while John Cusak attempted to shortchange the bartender.

Randy Campbell :eek:

Postby David Acer » 09/28/01 05:23 PM

Unless Im mistaken, T. Nelson Downs had a brief cameo in Ghostbusters.
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Postby David Moore » 09/28/01 05:43 PM


I checked my copy of "The Grifters" and you're right. It's Dean Dill. Good catch, I've seen that movie a million times and never noticed him.
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Postby Guest » 09/30/01 06:23 PM

I also heard that in the anniversary eddition of Goonies you can see Erdnase in the background on the pirate ship.


Postby Jeff Haas » 10/01/01 03:17 AM

Not only that, but Houdini is in "The Jazz Singer." Unfortunately, while it was the first talkie, the King Of Escapes didn't get any lines. He just stood there looking angry.
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Postby Larry Horayne » 10/04/01 08:38 AM

:eek: How about our dear friend, Jay Ose. What a great trick he did in The Flim-Flam Man--in the scene George C Scott was 'tossing the broad' Jay was both a farmer and did the close-up for the monte shots. He appeared on a few other films, too.
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Postby Larry Horowitz » 10/04/01 09:07 AM

Steve Valentine has a regular role in the new T.V. show "Crossing Jordon."
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Postby Jacky Kahan » 10/08/01 08:03 AM

This is intersting...,+Tom
It seems that he played in 2 movies...,+Ricky
and ricky jay in 15 movies....

cheers :D
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Postby Guest » 10/09/01 05:11 AM

I believe Dean Dill came up with short change routine for the Grifters (but I could be wrong). I do believe that he was an advisor for this movie.

Postby Guest » 10/10/01 08:57 AM

Can anyone confirm Paul Harris' involvement in Mission Impossible?? Did he have any consulting in these??


Postby David Nethery » 10/17/01 03:34 PM

I haven't seen "Finding Forrester" yet, but will look for Mullica.

Ricky Jay is a very good actor. He's had some good roles in David Mamet's films, notably "The Spanish Prisoner" with Steve Martin. (highly recommended).

I am looking forward to seeing Ricky Jay in the new David Mamet thriller "Heist" which is opening in November , I think . "Heist" stars Gene Hackman and Danny Devito, but it looks like Mr. Jay has a substantial role.
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Postby Pete McCabe » 10/17/01 03:54 PM

Steve Valentine also had a guest-starring role in an episode of "Just Shoot Me."

The night this episode aired Steve was performing at the Castle in the Close-Up Room. I remember sitting at that little bar just up the stairs, and watching the episode with Steve. When it ended at 10pm we went down stairs and watched Steve do his show, which was great.

Steve's character (a flamboyant magician) did several "tricks" in the show, but non of them were actually performed by Steve -- more of the "look in your pocket, there's your missing pen" variety. This caused some magicians I know to wonder why the producers cast a magician in this role when no magic was required.

They didn't. They cast Steve Valentine in the role, because he's a terrific actor. This is, not coincidentally, also why he's such a terrific magician.

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Postby Bill Duncan » 10/17/01 07:24 PM

Originally posted by Dai:
I haven't seen "Finding Forrester" yet, but will look for Mullica.

Ricky Jay is a very good actor.

Mullica has only about 10 seconds of screen time but if it gets you to see Forester by all means rent it. It's perhaps the best thing Connery's done and the kid who plays his student (his first role) simply steals the show.

Did anyone catch Ricky Jay in "Mystery Men"? He plays Capt. Amazing's agent who's explaining why the superhero's endorsements are slipping:
"I'm a publicist, not a magician."
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Postby Guest » 10/18/01 04:00 AM

I caught the line in Mystery Men as well. My 2 favorite Ricky Jay roles are in "Boogie Nights" and "House of Games".

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