Roy seeking pontiff's help..

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Postby MaxNY » 07/23/04 08:53 PM

Last week's National Enquirer (July 19,2004) reports that in a desperate bid to heal his paralyzed arm illusionist Roy Horn is planning a special visit this summer to the pope.
---A close source said "While he has regained some strength in his left leg, there has been no movement in his left arm"
---"Roy's been urging Siegfried to take him to visit the pope since late Februray or early March."
--- In this week's Star (August 2, 2004) Protege Darren Romeo brings Star inside Roy's Miracle recovery. Darren says "He's going to win this battle" And that at dinner "he is just as spicy as ever"... my 500th Post, Thank-you very much!
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