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Postby Lisa Cousins » 04/04/02 10:12 AM

Would somebody be kind enough to explain why, at the mention of Richard Kaufman's name, the cattle start lowing? I've paid pretty close attention, and have yet to detect anything particularly bovine about him.

Thanking you in advance,

Lisa Cousins
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Postby Michael Edwards » 04/04/02 12:01 PM


There may, in fact, be many reasons. Cows are not the only creatures to react strangely to Richard. But the main reason our bovine friends are MOOved by him is simply because he is Richard KAUfman.

Michael Edwards
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 04/04/02 05:48 PM

Can't you weirdos find something more interesting to write about?
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Richard Kaufman
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Postby Guest » 04/04/02 06:26 PM

Bravo, Richard!!!

Postby Pete Biro » 04/06/02 10:02 PM

OK RK, I can write about buzbee :eek: :( :mad: :confused: :D
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Pete Biro
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Postby Guest » 04/07/02 01:14 PM

OK RK, I can write about buzbee

Spare us, please! That would start a neverending thread if ever there was one. I only met him once and he managed to get me to buy something which never got delivered.


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