World's Longest Magic Show

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Postby Tim Ellis » 03/29/05 02:28 PM

Well we did it in April last year, but now a year later, Guinness World Records have finally sent us our certificate!

The old record for THE WORLD'S LONGEST MAGIC SHOW was 24 hours straight, set in India.

A group of magicians in Melbourne, Australia shattered that record with a show lasting 75 hours. (Now I know, some convention shows seem longer that that, but we weren't even allowed to repeat the same trick within any 8 hour bracket!)

If you'd like to read more about it (who was involved, all the stats, and some great photos) go to:

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Postby Brian Marks » 03/29/05 02:50 PM

I don't mean to disappoint you Tim but my ambitious card routine lasts longer than that. I can do my short show is slighly less than a month. I have yet to have an audience leave because they are a captive audience.
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