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Postby John Pezzullo » 02/27/02 03:17 AM

According to the 'Schedule of Shows and Lectures' posted on the Magic Castle's web site, Shoot Ogawa was scheduled to lecture on March 24, 2002:

"Shoot is a young but well-known Japanese magician. He is a very skillful performer who has created many excellent effects and original mentalism concepts. You will be introduced to some of his recent original routines, including Ninja Rings and Magic Card Pro."

The listing for Shoot Ogawa's lecture doesn't appear on the most recently updated schedule (February 26).

Two questions:

Does anyone know why the lecture is no longer taking place?

Is anyone familiar with his work? I've never heard of him before.
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Postby Pete Biro » 02/27/02 08:11 AM

Shoot did an outstanding, close up linking ring routine with 4-inch (estimated size) rings... but I don't recal any other effects (I have no memory left) but he was excellent. Don't know if he lectured or not as I was away at the time.
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Postby Brisbin » 02/27/02 03:52 PM

I had the pleasure to see Shoot Ogawa's work during an informal private session in the Castle basement in October. Keep your eyes open for this very skillful gentleman. He performs the close-up linking rings of his teacher, Yanagida Sensei, and he does a coin flurry with multiple jumbo coin climaxes that is stunning. His card work was also noteworthy. Congratulations to Mr. Ogawa on his current appearance at the Magic Castle. Well deserved praise from the likes of Mr. Biro.
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Postby John Pezzullo » 02/28/02 02:47 AM

Pete & Vic,

Thanks guys.


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