David Blaine on Johnathon Ross (UK chat show)

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Postby John McDonald » 11/25/02 10:04 AM

Did anyone else see David Blaine on Johnathon Ross last Saturday?
(23.11.02 22:35 BBC1 Uk)

Is it me or does he come across very badly as an interviewee?

[Don't get me wrong I'm a big fan of Blaine and his magic.
On the show he performed a surgical needle through hand which he called an "illusion" but looked to me like he actually did push a needle through the back of his hand!!! The tip of the needle actually pushing against the skin before emerging through his palm. (Very impressive but painful I'd imagine!)]

How does he come across on US chat shows?

Best wishes to all.

John McDonald
Best John
John McDonald
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 11/25/02 10:14 AM

John, he IS actually pushing an acupunture needle through his hand. Saw him do it from two feet away a few weeks ago.
I don't watch much TV, so haven't seen him interviewed over here.
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Richard Kaufman
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Postby MaxNY » 11/25/02 04:17 PM

Religious geek stuff. I believe the ceremony of crucifixion used that certain part of the hand, due to the lack of bones there.
---I fell for that (Blaine, gather-up all good tricks from magicians across the World, but never take them out, yet educate yourself for free, "Tour Bus") last year, and said that I would like to push an ostrich plume through the very same part of my palm, (using very micro hand-made gimmicks...) I thought it would work best at... say Carnival. This would give him/me an excuse for plume possession...Toot,toot.
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