Van Praagh Cancelled?

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Postby Dustin Stinett » 01/07/03 11:54 PM

Sam Rubin, the entertainment reporter for a local TV station (KTLA - a "WB" affiliate), commented the other day that their station might cancel James Van Praagh's show "Beyond." (Obviously speaking on a local level only. Of course LA is a significant market to lose, though the show could be picked up by another local station.) Rubin's comment: "He can speak with dead people, but he couldn't get enough live ones to watch." I'm sure Mr. Van Praagh has nothing but positive feelings about the situation.

I'm fairly positive about how I feel about his "talent" as well.

You can catch him on "Larry King Live" this Friday. This spring he will be touring with a (ahem) live seminar. In LA it costs only $6 to see him "...share his personal techniques for developing your own psychic abilities, accelerating spiritual development and healing from the pain of losing someone you loved. James will also share random messages with some of the audience." The same seminar in New York and San Diego will run you $9. Must be those long distance charges.

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Postby Terry » 01/08/03 05:51 AM


You have to factor in the cost of travel for all those ghosts ;) I mean they must only travel first class :)
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