Million Dollar Blindfolded Drive accross America

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Postby Guest » 05/09/04 12:32 PM

As many of you know I am attempting a solo blindfolded drive across america June 30 to July 6 this year. It's possible that one has already been done earlier. There were two magicians going to do it tag team but i never hear whether they completed it or not.
My Drive is rasing money for Paralysis reseach and those of you that say me on WGM V know i have been in a wheelchair some 9 years now, victum of a shipping accident.
I have already contacted the police and appropriate authorities along the way (something i recommend BEFORE you start a drive of your own). I have done these before without incident but the key is always proper planning, good commmunication and taking everything with the proper degree of seriousness.
Folks can follow me at
or at [url=\'ll]\'ll[/url] be appearing at the IBM convention along the way and we have a gala dinner planned for the Magic Castle the 6th of July.

Love to hear comments plus and negative and any advice folks have never hurts.

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