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Postby MaxNY » 10/21/04 06:39 PM

It's that time of year, where you can see your breath, the leaves are magnificent, and visions of a Tannen's Jubilee dance through your head. Not this year.
---Last night I had this dream. Do you know those little brown envelopes where you hide tip money, as not to break any "No exchange of currency" Sabbath rules? Well, like I said, visions of... actually Go-Go dancers were in my dreams, but instead of sticking dollars bills in G-strings, I was licking little brown envelopes to give to the girls...
---This weekend, I will miss my annual pilgrimage to the Catskills. It was where I used to sneak in as a kid, along with Rudy Coby, just to spend a hour with The Master Jeff McBride... Ken Krenzel is sitting up front again... How does he always get to sit so close??? And, there is that guy who's face seem to be melting from some strange rare disease. My wife and I once were at the Concord at a Tannen's convention, and the fog was so thick, we would run out into the Golf range at night, run as fast as we could, only seeing 20 feet in front of us... Or the time Howie Schwartz busted me for not having a security braclet, only to give me all the time I ask of him now. He knew this thing snagged me hard. I once wore Harry Potter glasses, with lightning bolt scare...years ago, to a Saturday evening show. I remember spending hours earlier that day searching the Internet for a stuffed Owl, only to find that they are protected by Federal Law...and found a hurt Screach Owl along side the road that night, only to have it pass the next morning. That my friends, was a sign!
---Dear Steve, have faith in us again. The numbers will return. In this age of competing conventions, you don't have to compete to be the best... just show me some guy from Kalamazoo who blows me away with flick of his wrist. I miss Tannen's. Soon it will be Winter, but this year my first snow flakes won't be seen in Monticello.
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