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Postby CraigMitchell » 08/14/05 02:59 AM

Wayne Rogers posted this on the MagicNZ list ...

"I am angry to discover that a large American magic company has chosen to
distribute a cheap copy of one of my original effects.

The "Appearing Ladder from Toolkit" is a blatant copy of my "Appearing
Ladder from Briefcase" which has been on the market and manufactured by me
since 1998. My original Appearing Ladder was first launched by Hocus Pocus
Magic, and is widely advertised by a number of dealers including Hank Lee,
Joe Stevens, The Trickery, Kaymar Magic, and Show-Biz Services.

The company ripping off my Ladder is Mak Magic. This has been confirmed by
four American magic dealers, plus it is plainly visible on Mak's own

One dealer wrote:
"Mak Magic is distributing this item. All the dealers will have it soon."

Another said:
"Wayne, I purchased this from Mak Magic. I was not aware that anyone owned
the rights to this effect. If this is the case I will discontinue this item.
Do you have a distributor in the U.S. that handles your products? I would be
happy to purchase your products".

I have written to two of Mak Magic's administrators, plus left a message on
their phone answering machines. Unfortunately it is during the weekend and
they have not replied. I am speaking out now because it is hard to imagine
that a major dealer in our magic industry like Mak would not be aware that
my Appearing Ladder has been around for seven years. I must assume that
distributing the copy is not accidental.

At this stage I have not seen the rip-off personally so cannot check the
quality, but the video clip shows an exact replica, right down to the detail
of the black ends on the ladder. Their advertising even boasts of "a special
roller system" so they have obviously duplicated the roller I developed to
control the production my original Ladder.

OK, so the container the rip-off Ladder is produced from is a tool kit
rather than a briefcase. This does not make it a different effect! In some
ways the depth of the toolkit box detracts from the deceptiveness of the
production and may add more weight, but it is still a rip-off of the basic
prop which is the Appearing Ladder.

A large part of my living is made from inventing and manufacturing original
magic props. What right does a large company like Mak Magic have to take
away my basic right to earn something from my ideas.

All rip-offs are traditionally cheaper in price and quality. That thought
does not soften the blow. My Appearing Ladder is being copied and
distributed by a company who should know better.

To purchase the original Appearing Ladder from Briefcase, contact the only
authorized US distributor, George Schindler of Show-Biz Services in New
York, or you can email me direct.

Wayne Rogers"

Mak's version can be found at ... ctID=P7009

What say Mak ?
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