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Postby Geno Munari » 09/04/02 07:10 PM

I am intrigued by this great troupe, or player company that is quietly spreading their goodwill around the country. This is an example of not great marketing, but SUPERB and INOVATIVE marketing to the 'teens!

Eugene, Max, Robert Neale, McBride and Abbi Spinner (did I miss one?)

This reminds me of the some of the great cast of players that were around in my father's hayday, such as Carradine and Company.

If I could figure out how to get to Allentown.....I will go. Any suggestions?
Geno Munari
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Postby Guest » 09/04/02 07:36 PM

Hi Geno,
Max lectured yesterday (Tuesday), and did his show tonight (if all went as planned). I didn't have the opportunity to see either. However I may see Eugene, and Mcbride. I have definite plans to see one individual who isn't on your list: Rene Lavand. He's doing a show and giving a talk, on two different days. If you decide to come, consider yourself home and I will be your host.

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