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Postby MaxNY » 01/06/05 11:02 PM

Yesterday's Daily News (Jan 6,2005) tried to make sense out of the Ashlee Simpson Orange Bowl show, and just why we give her any kind of television time. For those who don't know, she walked off stage during a "live" television shoot for Saturday Night Live last month, after lipsyncing to the wrong song. She somehow got offered to sing during halftime at a major college bowl game. The News reports of "boos" from the crowd... and drew comparisons from her act, to several of our guys...
---"As an audience, we enjoy being beguiled. It was true 100 years ago for Houdini-heads, and it's true now, even with the dubious offerings of David Blaine and the debunkings of Penn and Teller. It's such a pleasurable experience that we'll fork over our hard-earned cash for the pleasure of being bedazzled."
---My wife and I had the pleasure of dishing out 200 buttons to be bedazzled by the offerings of Avenue Q tonight. There is a song about a German word "Schadenfreude". They said that the word translated means to "take pleasure from someone else's misfortunes". I think that is the case with our delightful Ms. Simpson.
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