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Postby NCMarsh » 08/12/05 02:43 PM

Todd Robbins' show "Dark Deceptions: The Seance Experience" is among those profiled in an article about the "most buzzed about" shows at the International Fringe Festival in NYC ( ... 2frin.html)

'Dark Deceptions: The Sance Experience'

For those who just like to watch, check the schedule for "The Suffrajets Present a Musical Sance," about the famous free-love advocate Victoria Woodhull. But if you want to actually participate and commune with, say, your late cat, this Victorian sance, which includes levitation and lots of spooky music, may be your only chance. Your tour guide through the mysteries of the supernatural is the sideshow scholar and lover of awful jokes Todd Robbins, best known for munching on light bulbs in his Off Broadway show "Carnival Knowledge."
Robbins' picture (featuring a floating table) also appears in the slideshow that accompanies the article.


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