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Recent press...

Postby NCMarsh » May 5th, 2007, 12:46 pm

Had an article in the paper last wednesday (my first), and thought I would post a link case it might be of interest to others...


Image Gallery: ... ery=309240

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Of further potential interest to magicians:
My client for these magic workshops (it is a 30 min. show followed by 30 min. of instruction in 1-3 basic tricks) is Circus Sarasota, which recently brought in the Sudarchicovi (sp?), the family that originated the David and Dania quick change act, for their winter performance season...the winter performances go a long way to funding their activities -- promoting circus arts -- throughout the year, and they bring in top acts from all over the world (many from russia), each winter...

Extra super special thanks to The Gulf Coast Community Foundation for their generous support of these workshops!


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