Metro Channel male model doing card trxs

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Postby MaxNY » 01/06/03 08:50 PM

I don't know if the world gets The Metro Channel. Here in New York they run fashion show cat-walks 24 hours a day twice a year, (besides the point, but establishing this author's sexual preference). They also have been airing a documentary following the love lives of single gals throughout the city. This show is called To Live and Date in New York. Their second season of the show started airing last week, and there appears to be a romance between Kristie (ex-model) and some European male model named Guillamme. Well, he claims to be a magician, and does a poor card trick. I have seen first graders do better. But, I thought I would let those know, if you are interested in watching a very handsome young male model, manipulate the pasties ---He also had a smooth line, after she was "Impressed". In broken English he asked her, if her reaction was real or fake? Well, "if you fake it, I will find out later..." Those hunky guys always have money to buy great lines...
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