Tour of Penn Jillete's Las Vegas Home

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Postby Guest » 01/16/02 09:19 PM

Tonight on the Travel Channel there was a ballyhoo show about Vegas which included a segment where a young lady was given a tour
of Penn's home.

The Exterior is done up as a Prison, just like the exterior of the Excalibur is done up as a castle. The kitchen features a police style dead body tracing, permanently embellished on the floor.

The knick-knack shelf yields a preserved section of human skin with a tatoo. There is
one room where Penn blitely describes " a swinging sex chair, next to an electric chair."

I've enjoyed some of P & T's clever stunts, but I'm usually turned off by Penn's motormouth patter. On the other hand, I've always felt that Teller was most at home with lyrical, beautiful magic.

Bottom line is that this home tour on TV shows another arrested adolescent with a lot of money.

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