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Postby RichHead » 04/18/04 06:10 AM

I have an opportunity to buy this book by Richard

Can anyone tell me what type of magic it covers.
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Postby Kevin Wiese » 04/18/04 07:21 AM

Try this link:

This is Doug Atkinson's website that gives the table of contents to this and many other books.

Kevin Wiese
Kevin Wiese
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 04/18/04 07:27 AM

The book covers a wide variety of magic, though most of it is close-up.
Because of the manner in which the publisher (Adam Fleischer) wanted the work done, the books were prepared with extreme haste. The fact that they turned out as well as they did is remarkable.
There's some very good magic in the second volume. I don't think you'll be disappointed.
It's hard to believe that I wrote and illustrated it over 20 years ago!
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Richard Kaufman
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Postby Bill Duncan » 04/18/04 12:03 PM

When you get the book read and re-read the fifth paragraph of Richard's introduction.
Bill Duncan
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Postby RichHead » 04/18/04 01:35 PM

Thanks to all for the information.
Extremely helpful.
I shall take up the offer to buy this.
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Postby Jeffrey Cowan » 04/24/04 11:25 PM

15 years ago, I spent a week trying -- without success -- to do Patrick Martin's carrot to goldfish effect as described in this book.

Did anyone here ever play with it and get it to work?

-- Jeffrey
-- Jeffrey Cowan
Jeffrey Cowan
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