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Postby Guest » 10/24/02 09:51 AM

Allright fellow magicians how are you all doing, Fine i hope. Do any of you own the Video Basic Card Technique. If any of you do can you tell me what it is like all i know is that it teaches you basic card techniques and it runs for 1 hour. Thanks for your time and help it is very much appreciated.

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Postby Dave Egleston » 10/26/02 07:58 PM

I hate to sound like a wiseass, but - It's about an hour long and teaches basic card technique.
It's highly regarded by most magicians
Like everything Mr. Kaufman puts out: Professionally made and presented.

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Postby Lance Pierce » 10/26/02 08:40 PM


Here are some of the contents of the video, if this helps you at all:

Basic Dealer's Position
Thumb Count
Pinky Break (2 handed and 1 handed)
Double Undercut

Double Lift:

Vernon Light Lift
Daley Hit Lift

False Cuts:

Paul Rosini's False Cut
Tabled False Cut


Hindu Shuffle Force
Cross Cut Force
Cut Deeper Force
Riffle Force


Injog Shuffle (Overhand shuffle)
Outjog Shuffle (Overhand shuffle)

Faro Shuffle:

In-Faro Shuffle
Out-Faro Shuffle

Zarrow False Shuffle

False Counts:

Elmsley Count
Jordan Count
Hamman Count

Biddle Move
Braue Addition
Secret Subtraction


Turnaround Glimpse
Spread Glimpse

Multiple Shifts:

Dai Vernon's Multiple Shift
Carmen D'Amico's Mutliple Shift

Top Palm
Cliff Green's Bottom Palm
The Peek
The Side Steal

Top Changes:
Robert Houdin's Top Change
LePaul's Style
Le'Temps Multiple Top Change

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Postby Randy Naviaux » 11/27/02 12:10 AM

Jeez...I didn't realize all this was on the video. I gotta get it now.

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Postby Dave Egleston » 11/27/02 12:20 AM

As I stated on another topic: It was the first video I watched after taking about 8 years off from magic - One of the few videos I will recommend - though I have hundreds - I normally only use videos in accompaniment to books by the same performer ie. - IMPOSSIBILIA
If you can find it - Buy it

Dave Egleston
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