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Postby Brisbin » 03/30/02 03:50 PM

A good friend of mine (who is now even more esteemed), just presented me with a copy of "New Card Control Systems," Joseph K. Schmidt's contribution to the area of run-up and riffle-shuffle stocking. The light went on when I read Mr. Schmidt's book last night! This book may be one of the sleepers of the last decade. Don't overlook it in Richard's current sale. :cool:
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Postby Charlie Chang » 04/03/02 12:57 AM

Anyone with a serious interest in card technique should have a copy of this. If you're the type of collector who craves the Fulves or Marlo shuffle manuscripts and you don't own this, you've let yourself down.

More importantly, the material within. Would you like to stack four Aces during a shuffle while also setting up a Royal Flus for the next deal (therefore stacking the deck for TWO deals). Would you like to stack Aces and Kings? This is the FIRST item in the book. Later you learn a good bottom deal and several excellent gambling routines (including a very good version of Martin Gardner's 5 Torn Cards).

Years from now when this book is referred to as the "exceedingly rare" Scmidt Shuffle book, you might regret missing it in this sale....
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