Cardshark by Darwin Ortiz

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Postby Guest » 02/02/03 03:09 PM

Hi everybody, thanks for your help with Totally out of Control. I was abe to locate a copy of Cardshark by Darwin Ortiz. I am thinking of getting it, but was wondering what other peoples thoughts are on the book. How difficult is the material? and the like.



Postby Dave Egleston » 02/02/03 07:21 PM

Hi Mr. Millstein,

There is nothing to complain about in this book - It's a good solid card book - You can use almost everything in it.

I've seen Mr Ortiz perform about half the effects written up in this book and all are very good

If you don't have it - you'll wish you did

Dave Egleston
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Postby Guest » 02/03/03 11:53 AM

Cardshark is definitely worth getting. My favorite of Darwin's effects is in that book (Psychotronic Card). All top notch and well thought out.

Postby Guest » 02/04/03 10:09 AM

Cardshark is a blast of a book. The skill level ranges from "advanced-beginner" to "If I practiced for a million years, I still couldnt pull it off."

In my opinion, of Darwin's three major books for magicians (including "Darwin Ortiz at the Card Table" and "Scams & Fantasies") this one had the most commercial routines, especially for those of us who dont adopt the Gambler persona. "Blindfold Aces" has paid for the book many times over, and now that I've told you about it, forget I said anything. Just rip those pages out of the book when you get it.

Zech Johnson

Postby Guest » 02/04/03 08:39 PM

I concur. Within "Blind Aces is a splendid method for redirecting audience attention as you are doing the dirty work (holding out).

"The One-Handed Poker Deal" is a great routine and requires a one-handed faro shuffle. Fear not however as it doesn't have to be perfect. Not entirely anyway.

Postby Guest » 02/17/03 02:09 AM

Cardshark is an excellent book. I just recently started to study some of the material in this book and it is packed with some great doable card magic. I particularly like Physcotronic Card and one of my favorites, Signature Effect. Highly recommended!


Postby Guest » 04/04/03 02:19 PM

You should definatley get this book it is awsome.
There are some tricky things, but what is magic without the occasional hard move :eek: ? :p

Postby Jim Maloney_dup1 » 04/04/03 02:21 PM

Originally posted by closuproks:
... but what is magic without the occasional hard move?

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