"Shigeo Futagawa Lecture Notes"

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Postby Guest » 10/23/07 09:26 PM

Hello everyone. I've currently been looking for "The Lecture Notes of Shigeo Futagawa" and I can't seem to find any copies online. The reason for my interest would most obviously be the "Elevator" effect that Mr. Futagawa has modified. I am currently using the "Raise Rise" method that Ray Kosby has popularized but I find Mr. Futagawa's handling a little more superior just because the selection can be placed in the deck face up. So, might there be ANYONE.... who may have a copy of the notes that they would be willing to sell? If so, feel free to reply or contact me.

I appreciate your help,
Anthony R.

Postby Bill Withers » 12/06/07 10:25 PM

Honestly, after seeing the notes, if you know the method that is all you need. The description is really just pictures that explain just as much as the videos on youtube do...
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Postby Guest » 12/07/07 09:06 AM

I am somewhat familiar with "Raise Rise". My question is does Shigeo Futagawa's version enable the use of a signed card?


Postby Richard Kaufman » 12/07/07 09:13 AM

The so-called "Futagawa" method is something that Chris Kenner came up with when he developed his effect using the SWE shift that appears in Out of Control. Kenner informed Futagawa that he had come up with the easier method, but Futagawa published it under his name anyway. So it's not a version of "Raise Rise" at all, but a variation of the Kenner handling to eliminate the SWE Shift.
Assuming it's the same one I'm thinking of, yes, you can have the card signed.
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