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Postby Jim Morton » 12/19/01 12:45 PM

It seems a shame that these are out of print. You guys ever think about publishing them?
Jim Morton
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Postby Guest » 12/19/01 02:10 PM

If so, I will be first on the long list of those that will buy them.

Postby CHRIS » 12/19/01 10:12 PM


at least "Mental Magic" is still available from Lee Jacobs.

Chris.... preserving magic one book at a time.
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Postby Arthur Martello » 01/07/02 11:28 AM

I will be second, especially for "Pet Secrets".
Arthur Martello
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Postby Guest » 01/13/02 08:56 PM

I met a very old lady last night who informed me her deceased husband had a large collection of Al Baker books. Her age causes me to believe these books may all be first editions. Of course I did the ethical thing and told her to be very careful how she handles them. Crazy me.

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