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Postby Guest » 04/26/06 06:39 AM

Any plans on reprinting these 2 books?

Since Coin Magic was reprinted, was wondering if the same would happen to CardMagic?

Postby Guest » 05/31/06 11:23 PM

I am also waiting for Darwin's Cardshark to be reprinted or maybe even offered as an ebook. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


Paul H

Postby Guest » 06/05/06 03:01 PM

I'd buy Cardshark if it were reprinted.

I'm curious (perhaps Mr. Kaufman will comment) as to what the threshold is for reprinting a book. Cardshark has been fetching high prices on eBay, so I would think the demand would be there. Also, what about on-demand printing? Would that work, or is it not economical?

-- Frank

Postby Richard Kaufman » 06/05/06 04:29 PM

All options are being investigated to bring you the best reading experience. :)
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