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Postby Guest » 09/21/01 11:10 AM

You've produced so many wonderful books of high quality. I have a question. The Rene Lavand book is excellent. But what happened with some of the sections in the book where the type looks like it went through a fun house mirror? Towards the top of page 18, for example, it looks like a whole line was inserted, with type that was too big and inserted at an angle at that! I seem to recall other instances in the book. That nothwithstanding, as I said, the book is great. Just wanted to know what happened there as it is akin to a typo in a book. Not a big deal, but kind of mars the overall book. Plus it is so out of charecter for you. thanks!

Postby Richard Kaufman » 09/21/01 09:54 PM

That comes courtesy of Sheridan Books, who printed it. They'd never seen a problem like that before, and I've never seen one since. Makes me ill, but what can I do?
The layout I provided was fine. Somehow that line of type got stretched in the process of either shooting the film or turning the film into a printing plate.
I hope you've otherwise enjoyed the book!
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Postby Guest » 09/29/01 07:49 AM

Personally, I think this is a great book and I enjoyed the opportunity to see a little inside the mind of such a talented artist.

I'm just glad that Kaufman and Co have had the courage to publish books like this.

Postby Guest » 10/07/01 03:42 PM

I've enjoyed the Lavand book a great deal and have worked hard to perfect some of the material - I may have to have shoulder surgery and will be using only one wing for a few weeks, so I thought it might be fun to learn one-handed material.

One temporary disappointment is the fact that certain sleights and methods are NOT included in the book. I can only assume that Rene refused to disclose these, wanting to have [some of] his cake and eat it too. A prime example is found in the routine "I Can't Do It Any Slower", wherein the author offers a two-handed method for a certain displacement move, failing to disclose Lavand's one-handed method. Fortunately, a little creative thinking helped me discover the method he MUST be using, which is brilliant and clean as a whistle - cleaner than a standard two-handed displacement.

By the way, let me note that this is in NO WAY meant as a criticism of Rene Lavand; if I had devised such incredible stuff I might want to keep some of it to myself too! In fact, the magic community should consider itself blessed to have received what it has from this great performer.

Thomas Wayne

Postby Luis » 10/28/01 11:29 PM


I think you are talkimg about Magic from the Soul published by Magic Words, in pages 71-72 he describes the two hands displacement,(or to Slow Motion Magic published by Frakson)

In Richard's book The Mysteries of my Life p.75 the one hand displacement is explained.null
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Postby PapaG » 10/30/05 12:00 PM

I finally tracked down a copy of 'Mysteries Of My Life' and, with some concern, I was expecting to endure a few pages of textual psychedelia as described in the original post above.

The text 'problem' is one line only and barely noticeable at that.

I only regret that these comments put me off getting this fantastic tome for so long...

A truly inspirational book.
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