Pushing The Envelope

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Postby Guest » 07/04/03 05:48 PM

What routine that you perform gets the biggest reaction from your audience ? In my world biggest reaction can also be shock or awe!
I consider myself a Comical Bizzarist , if those two words can be combined. And in the thoughts and writings of my peers the underlying themetic element of bizzarism is to shake your audience to their core, to make them believe for a moment magic is real .
To make them afraid that forces from the netherworld have influenced their lives for a brief moment.
So what do you do to shake up someone ?
How do you push the envelope ?
Some of my tricks are not in good taste , but neither is a poorly presented "Linking Ring " routine.
I'll share some of my thoughts after I see some of yours .
Peace Out !
Amazing Rchard A.K.A. Amazing Dick

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