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Postby Michael Kamen » 06/20/04 06:56 PM

We will be in Chicago Aug 7 and would appreciate any advice about magic venues such as bars, nightclubs, dinner theaters, or shows we might got to that evening.

While I am asking, we'll be in Madison for a few days earlier -- any magic scene there?

Thanks in advance.

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Postby Ted Leon » 06/21/04 08:55 AM

Check out "Chris Carter Keeps Messing With Your Mind".
You can find out the specifics in the entertainment magazines located at all hotels.
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Postby Alain Roy » 06/26/04 06:34 AM

Madison is a wonderful town. It's good for many things, but magic is not its strong point--you won't find much here. I think there are a couple of people that perform in restaurants, but I'm out of touch and can't tell you which ones. You can try contacting the local IBM ring, and they may know more about that.

Finding fun things to do in Madison:

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Postby Necromancer » 06/29/04 01:07 PM

Much as I would recommend Christopher Carter Keeps Messing With Your Mind, it unfortunately closes on August 2.

If your stay includes a Friday night, I hope you will catch Supernatural Chicago. It's playing every Friday night in an open run at the purportedly haunted Excalibur nightclub at 632 N. Dearborn (at Ontario), Chicago. calls it a "Best Bet."

The Chicago Sun-Times included it in "10 Cool Things To Do."

And the Chicago Reader says it's "a great experience for out-of-towners and uninitiated residents -- what a thrill to sip a cocktail knowing that the bluish form of an early Chicago settler might be waiting around the corner to relight some extinguished candles or cut a ghostly rug."

For more information, please visit

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