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Postby Guest » 08/08/02 12:37 PM

Hey Folks,

So as the subject implies I'm a rank beginner in the world of coins. I'm also a hack when it comes to cards, but that's an entirely different subject. In any event, I'm looking for good starting points for how best to learn, where to start etc. I own a copy of Bobo's NMCM, but I have to admit it's left me reeling. There's so much material in there that I'm having a really hard time figuring a way to digest it all.

So I guess the real question is whether there are some recommendations on how best to approach NMCM? Is there an "easier" routine to focus on that would incorporate some of the basic slights and give you the skills needed to build on? I'm looking to gain enough skill to have a short convincing routing that I can build on as I learn some of the more complex stuff. Anyone have some advice?

Thanks much,


Postby Guest » 08/08/02 03:52 PM

Hello Timothy,

Dan Watkins has a wonderful site devoted to coin magic called the coin purse. On it you will find a beginners section and under the articles section you will find a wonderful article called "A study guide to Bobo's" it is highly recommended reading! You can get to it by typing in


Mark :)

Postby Guest » 08/08/02 06:48 PM

Just one bit of clarification...

My friend Dominic Reyes is the owner of "The Coin Purse", and there is a study guide for Bobo's there. I write a lot of the reviews for Dominic's site.

I also have my own coin magic website called Timothy, goto the "foundations" section of my website to learn what to focus on just beginning with Bobo's. Also is some detailed teaching on how to properly classic palm a coin, which is very valuable for one just starting.

While your there feel free to sit back and watch some of the streaming coin magic videos I have put up there.

Good luck with coins.

Postby Guest » 08/09/02 08:17 AM

Sounds great, I'll check both of them out. Thanks much for the help guys.


Postby C. Hampton » 08/09/02 08:37 AM

Of all the magic videos that you can find in the market about coin magic, I highly recomend David Stone coin magic.
It is like the dummies series taking you from ground level to intermidiate. It is a very nice set of videos, made of 2 vols.


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Sorry for the mess up atributing someone elses site to you. I though they were both run by you. Thanks for the clarification. They are GREAT sites for the coinworker, and in that I am not mistaken.



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