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I am relatively new to taking magic seriously. I am having trouble finding books for the beginner that don't describe how to do magic (as you know, there are plenty of those), but rather about magic in general, specifically a book that has definitions of magic related terms. For example, does the book by Arthur Waite called Definitions of Magic mean it has definitions of magic terms?

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A book that I pored over a million times,, and which taught me a lot was the "Cyclopedia of Magic" by Henry Hay, I believe; a 1970s Dover-edition.

Undoubtedly you could find one on-line cheap.

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Mr. Olinger,

Are you on the right Forum? Arthur Waite was associated with occult magic, rather than the type of magic practiced here. (The type practiced here, that is, if you ignore some of the postings currently showing up in the John Edward thread.)

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I agree with Castawaydave.

Henry Hay's Cyclopedia of Magic is a great choice. It's more of a "how it's done" than a "how to perform book, but fun and informative none the less. There are many interesting historical entries as well. I may even have a duplicate somewhere on my bookshelves. If youre really interested in buying one, e-mail me and I will check.

Also look for the book, "Illustrated Magic Dictionary" by Geoffrey Lamb (1979)

Another good one but with some date errors in places is T.A. Waters Encyclopedia of Magic And Magicians. There is one currently on Ebay with a buy it now of $20 and a very reasonable $3.30 shipping charge. ... dZViewItem

Probably the best reference, but very expensive now a days in book form (hard or comb bound) is Bart Whaley's "Encyclopedic Dictionary of Magic." It is currently available however as a searchable e-book from Well worth the $50. I bought it, and still have my limited edition hardbound version I bought back in the 80s as well. Its really not a book (or e-book) for the beginner though, but should the magic bug bite hard and long, it would make a great reference tool down the road. It is not a "how to" book at all, by the way.

Best of luck to you!


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The BIBLE for magicians is still the Trick Brain by Fitzkee. It can be re-read indefinitely.

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