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Postby Guest » 03/12/03 04:56 PM

Hi. Can anyone recommend some good books with good packet tricks? And can I order them over the net? I live in Japan and there aren't any magic stores around me and I want them in English because I can't read Japanese Kanji. Thanks.


Postby luigimar » 03/12/03 05:54 PM

Hi there,

Why don't you try the Jon Racherbaumer site ( It costs $50 a year for the Premium membership and you have access to tricks and e-books at 'regular' intervals and some of those books give you packet tricks (one that I specially like is Good Turns 2 where you are taught 'twisting the aces' tricks and its many variations. You could say they are packet tricks since you only use a few cards from a regular deck). All you have to do is get a paypal account (do you have a credit card? its faster this way) and off you go. Once you have your account you can download this and many other books and tricks, and essays and other things.

Hope this helps.
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Postby Guest » 03/12/03 08:19 PM

Phil Goldstein's book "Focus" has some excellent packet effects. My favorite is Masque. Even if that was the only effect you did, I think it is worth the price of the book. You will also find some great effects like Picasso Aces.

Postby Chris Aguilar » 03/12/03 09:27 PM

I'm going to second the recommendation for "Focus" by Phil Goldstein.

In addition to Masque, you'll find other great effects like Shinkansen and Tearable.

Sixty item in all, some requiring gaffs, some which do not.
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Postby Guest » 03/13/03 02:39 AM

I have to ask the question - why packet tricks specifically? There are some good packet tricks out there to be sure, but the image of close up magicians coming out with sets of wallets containing different combinations of gaffed cards, with their associated Elmsley Counts isn't a pretty one...there are plenty of other good tricks out there!

Postby Guest » 03/13/03 06:28 AM

yea, but -Packet- Tricks Aren't just Little gaffed dealer items in vinyal wallets. A packet trick is any trick that uses only a small pack(et) Of cards....Twisting the aces, Oil and water and so on. Anything that doesn't use the whole pack. I think this is what we are discussing here, not little Emerson and West numbers but tricks that can come out of a regular pack. I think its a very interseting post, one by which we -could- all aquire some bits of usefull information regarding unusual little tricks. why are you so quick to disregard it?

Postby Pepka » 03/13/03 07:08 AM

I am also on the Focus bandwagon, but you've already heard all about that. Also try The Card Magic of Nick Trost. There is a great chapter on packet tricks, but there are more of them scattered throughout the book.
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Postby Tommy Brown » 03/13/03 09:42 AM

I also endorse Focus and The Card Magic of Nick Trost. "Matched Picture Cards" from the Trost book is one of my favorites.
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Postby Matthew Field » 03/13/03 09:43 AM

If memory serves, Jerry Mentzer wrote a book titled "Packet Tricks."

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Postby Ian Kendall » 03/13/03 12:46 PM

Paul Hallas has a new book with nothing but packet tricks in it. He had some at Blackpool, called something like 'The Packet Trick Book'. I'm sure he's searchable on the web.

Take care, Ian
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Postby pduffie » 03/13/03 12:53 PM

You can see details of the Paul Hallas book here - it's called 'Small But Deadly.' Great book.
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Postby Rennie » 03/13/03 02:44 PM

Matt is correct, Jerry Mentzer has a softbound devoted entirely to packet tricks. I also will endorse Focus as well as the Card Magic of Nick Trost. If you want to try a super trick out of Trost's book ( not a packet trick ) try Intuition based on an Eddie Joseph principle and a real mind blower...Long live packet tricks...
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Postby Carl Mercurio » 03/14/03 01:49 PM

1. Focus for me as well.
2. There are several great packet tricks in Secrets of Brother John Hamman.
3. Larry Jennings and Elmsley have a lot of packet stuff.
4. Andrew Mayne's Mad Mojo is not a packet trick book, but there is a great packet trick in there, a mind-bending mentalism thing.
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Postby Tommy Brown » 03/14/03 02:20 PM

There are also several great packet tricks in Solomon's Mind, including several versions of Oil and Water.
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Postby David Acer » 03/14/03 08:53 PM

I fifth the nomination for Goldstein's FOCUS - excellent book, full of devious packet tricks. Also, Guy Camirand tells me there is a chapter devoted to packet tricks in the forthcoming Ron Frost book, and I see no reason he would lie about this.
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Postby Bob Farmer » 03/16/03 08:09 AM

I also vote for Phil Goldstein's "Focus."

Any packet trick by Roy Walton is guaranteed to be very good. Check out the two-volume set, "The Complete Roy Walton."

His marketed effect, "Cascade," is one of, if not the best, packet tricks of all time. Unfortunately, it has been ripped off by many dealers. If you want an authorized version (i.e., Roy gets paid eventually) try the marketed effect MUTANZ (put out by your humble servant).

And, of course, let's not forget who started all this, Alex Elmsley. The two-volume set of his work, "The Collected Works of Alex Elmsley" has his amazing Dazzle routine.

Also, too numerous to mention, are the various tricks published by Jon Racherbaumer.
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Postby Guest » 03/16/03 10:24 AM

I have to agree with Bob Farmer, Cascade is an excellent packet trick and well worth mentioning. I would also like to include a couple I really enjoy put out my Mr. Farmer and they are, Deja Voodoo and Tsunami. I am mot sure where they can be purchased though. Any help Bob ???
P.S. - These are not packet tricks, but are excellent when trying to fry someone.

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