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Postby Guest » 05/11/06 09:28 AM

i recently saw Jorg Alexander in the Parlor at the Magic Castle. i have to say that he was, without a doubt, the best performer i have ever seen! I have seen a few outstanding shows and tons of great shows at the castle, but he was light years ahead of all these guys.

so i was curious, what was the best performance you have ever seen? curious...

Postby Guest » 05/11/06 10:45 AM

I will second your opinion of Jorge. He was simple, elegant and very strong on effect. Economy of motion, excellent construction. Wonderful.

Postby Guest » 05/11/06 04:49 PM

so i was curious, what was the best performance you have ever seen? curious..

Frakson! Simply the best. Fifty-plus years of refining his stage presentation with long-term appearances at the top vaudeville theaters and the very best night clubs in the world. Unsurpassed! And light years beyond anyone today both in technique and presentation.

Postby Richard Kaufman » 05/11/06 06:11 PM

How can one answer a question like that?
I could name half a dozen:

Del Ray
Juan Tamariz
Rene Lavand
Al Goshman
Tom Mullica
Bob Read

It's a silly question because it's impossible to name a single person. I've seen all six of these guys give truly memorable performances--top of the line, head of the class.
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