Candy Factory

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Postby Guest » 02/27/02 03:40 PM

I recently bought a used effect entitled"Candy Factory". It had no instructions. Since I am new to the art of magic, I wonder if it is a standard effect that someone could give me instructions on. It is a small can (with design) which covers two plastic tumblers glued together.


Postby Guest » 02/27/02 06:44 PM

George - If I remember correctly, the fake is a double walled tumber that you fill with sugar, tobacco, any substance that will fit into the thin, double wall. Another load, the finale' load, goes inside the bottom of the fake which in turn goes inside the tumbler. The idea is to show a glass full of sugar, cover it with the tube, magic magic magic, remove the covering tube (and with it, the fake) revealing candy now in the tumbler (or tobacco to cigarettes, or confetti to whatever). It could be a cute interlude if you can figure out a good plot and pair of items to transpose. Hope this helps! --Asrah :)

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