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Postby Guest » 05/12/05 10:05 AM

Hi all, What are the best English coins to use when doing coin magic. Thanks

Postby El Mystico » 05/12/05 11:06 AM

Depends what you are doing with them!!!

However, for most routines, I find 2 to be perfect - a nice palm and a nice weight, and common currency, so they don't scream "gimmick"
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Postby Guest » 05/13/05 08:35 AM

I guess it depends what you are using them for. I agree that 2 coins are a nice weight and size for palming but 10 pence pieces being silver in colour and smoother reflect better and can be more visual for some other routines. Why not try a few different ones and see which fit best for the trick you are performing.

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