Milk Jug - what can I use instead of milk????

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Postby Guest » 02/21/07 08:45 PM

What can I use instead of actual milk? I am afraid to experiment in case I wreck my props.
I would be grateful for your suggestions.
One book mentions OMM but I have had no luck tracking it down.

Postby Guest » 02/21/07 09:08 PM

OOM=Oil Of Milk, a substance you mix with water.

$3.00 at Hank Lee\'s. Don't actually drink it, it's not good for you, but it looks like milk, and contains no butterfat.

Postby Sir Ross » 02/23/07 09:56 AM

Perhaps skim milk could address your needs. It's basically white water. :-)

However, if your props are made for milk work, then it's more than likely you won't damage them if you use milk. So go ahead and try the real thing. Good Luck!
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Postby Guest » 03/04/07 12:27 AM

OOM is a type of cutting fluid used by machinists. It can, over time, leave an unsightly residue on the surface of the pitcher or other container.

I would say to use real milk, but dilute it a bit. Also, be sure to clean your props carefully as soon after use as possible.

Postby Guest » 03/04/07 10:21 AM

OOM also smells like machine oil.

Postby Guest » 03/04/07 10:26 AM

OOM is water soluable oil. It's used as coolant when machining.

Regarding prop care, one thing to be careful of when cleaning any plastic surface is to not use an abrasive pad. You don't want scratches accumulating over time and fogging the surface of the gimmick.

Postby Guest » 03/04/07 01:54 PM

Technically it's an emulsion. As far as I know, there are no oils that are truly water soluble, but maybe someone who knows what they are talking about can correct me.

Postby Guest » 03/04/07 02:28 PM

Apparently so based on a quick web search of "water soluble oil". I always wondered how this stuff worked. We had small buckets of it hanging from machine tools in high school shop class, and it was also pumped over metal being machined to keep it cool.

Postby Guest » 03/05/07 09:38 AM has a link to Schaeffers Water Soluble Cutting Oil (their name, not mine).

You might want to e-mail them to see if this stuff looks like milk when mixed with water.

Postby Guest » 03/09/07 02:42 AM

Thats cool - very helpful. Thank you. I am getting more and more bookings can anyone suggest a book on the actual logistics of being a kids show entertainer. Like, if I am doing 6 - 8 shows over the weekend then the Vanishing bandana (which is consistantly the kids favorite) becomes impossible unless I buy loads of gear. Banana is not too kind to my flash fairy frocks. And I am not including enough time to pack up and reset my gear. And how is it best to store props. Travel around, set up. etc. Hey no wonder magicians get paid much more than storytelling fairies! It is so much fun doing magic. I love it when the parents all gasp too.

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