stage surrounded..

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Postby Guest » 11/21/06 09:48 AM

looking for some ideas in a performing situation more less surrounded with people on the sides & in front for sure..

Just collecting some more ideas for effects that are angle proof..


Postby Guest » 11/21/06 09:03 PM

The real challenge is not for just tricks that are angle-proof, but for ones which everyone can see clearly in a "theater-in-the-round" situation. Actors who work under these conditions have to learn new rules of staging, to give everyone a chance to see them from all sides. This usually results in a triangular movement, always facing the audience across the center of the triangle, and even rotating the triangle from time to time. A change bag is generally angle-proof, but for everyone to see the prop and comprehend what you are using it for, your stage movements would have to accomodate the audience from all sides as well.

Postby Guest » 11/22/06 04:21 AM

very few effects are that angle sensitive, that you cant have people at the side.
Its all down to you controlling your audiences field of vision.
If there is an issue from the side, block one side with your body, and the other with a piece of furniture, or an assistant from the audience.
play further up stage if you can. This also limits the view. Most of the information you need to look at is held in books like Henning Nelmes magic and showmanship for magicians.

Postby Guest » 11/22/06 06:21 AM

I pretty much have enough effects, I believe..I am just looking for some other ideas besides rope routines, etc..

Postby Guest » 11/22/06 04:47 PM

I would think that your larger concern is stage and audience management, making certain that you establish eye contact with as many people as you can, continuously througout your performance.

That is difficult enough during a show where the audience is in front of you, but having to constantly turn so you can include everyone presents a much larger degree of difficulty.

I would think carefully scripting your show with moves and specific cues as to when to turn, when to look, would be appropriate. With sufficient rehearsal you'll eliminate having to think about when to do what, which would make your performance stilted.

Postby Guest » 11/23/06 09:50 AM

Gene de Jean had a whole series of illusions that were worked out to be done surrounded, including a Disembodied Princess and a Mummy Case. If Gene's biography is ever published, these will be released to the magic fraternity.

I actually did a little work on Gene's Disembodied Princess when I was in high school.

Many illusions can be worked under seemingly impossible circumstances if you have a good crew working with you.

We did Harbin's Super-X plus at Renaissance Festivals in a 270 degree audience configuration. We had choreography that concealed the gaffus at the critical moments.

Postby Guest » 11/24/06 01:02 AM

I did a show virtually in the round for two years in a 1,500 seat ampitheater. From what I recall I did:

Linking Hula Hoops (Zimmerman's Routine)
Sub Trunk
Straight jacket Escape
Cube Zag
Thumb Tie

Tony Brent
Outta Control Magic Show
Orlando, Florida

Postby Guest » 11/24/06 04:55 AM

Thank you Tony Brent for the type of response I was looking for..

I will actually be using a TT surrounded, snowstorm, card routine, and even a dancing cane..
I think I now have enough material to make 20 min. :whack:

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