Eugene Burger, live in Chicago?

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Postby Guest » 06/22/07 07:07 AM

Hello Friends,

Chicago is about five hours from my city so I thought about a weekend trip there. It would be great to catch Eugene preforming. A prohibitively expensive restaurant isn't in my budget but if he can be seen elsewhere I'd love to know about it.

Also I've obtained several of his books, is there a way I could get him to autograph some of them?

Any advice is appreciated :D



Postby Guest » 06/22/07 07:47 AM

I'm not aware of a regular place where Eugene performs in Chicago anymore.

He does perform at Magic Chicago and will be there in October

You could also contact Eugene directly via his web site

Postby Guest » 06/23/07 10:48 AM

Your best bet to get Eugene to sign things is after a lecture.
He does set up a small product table for after the lecture and depending on how busy he is or how patient you are, he does engage in conversation when time permits.
The first time I met him was at one of his lectures and I was just commenting on one of his, at the time, new tapes, (yes, I said tapesthis was a while ago). I told a friend who was interested that it was so intimate that the only thing missing was for Eugene to mention me by name as he taught me.
He overheard and came up to me a bit later with an 8X10 and said thank you and handed it to me. I thanked him and asked him politely if I could be pushy and ask for him to autograph it. He took it back and happily singed the photo.
He didnt know me from Adam and did not know until later that night that his close friend David Parr and I are also close friends.
In a nutshell thats how he treats people who appreciate his work and the art.


Postby Guest » 06/23/07 04:15 PM

i'm from Italy.
But as i mentioned another time,
the last time i was in Chicago, 2 years ago, in order to visit some relatives,
i had the chance to meet Mr. Burger and Mr. Parr in one of their meetings.
They were two of the most wonderful and polite people i evere met in the magic world.
Mr. Burger even performed a great card trick for me,
because i was an host.
What an emotion.
I highly suggest that sometimes you go in Chicago to meet the great Mr. Burger,
who is also a very great academic of magic, besides being a great magician.

Postby Guest » 06/25/07 08:56 PM

Thank you for the responses. Eugene certainly comes through as a warm person through the books and videos. His demeanor and appearance are an excellent combination. If there was a "High Priest" of magic Eugene would be it.

Postby Guest » 06/26/07 06:30 AM

Hi Robert,

Eugene's teaching and performing schedule is extremely busy, which prevents him from performing publicly in Chicago very much. For a constantly updated account of the magic performance scene in Chicago, I encourage you to consult

Neil Tobin

Postby Guest » 08/09/07 07:03 PM

Thanks Neil.

I'll keep looking. No luck yet but I'm sure in time he'll pop up somewhere I can get to.

Postby Guest » 08/09/07 07:49 PM

Eugene will be performing at Magic Chicago, Wednesday, Oct 3rd.


Postby Guest » 08/15/07 02:20 AM

Speaking of David Parr...he can be seen in The Magic Cabaret.

Postby Guest » 08/21/07 07:57 AM

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