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Postby friedpalm » 12/27/05 03:37 PM

How can I contact Penumbra? And get a subscription. The email Thepenumbra@hotmail came back undeliverable. Thanks
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Postby Richard Hatch » 12/27/05 04:07 PM

We have stocked all issues and still have many in stock at the published price of just $10. The only issues we do not currently have are issues 1 and 3, both now out of print, I believe. According to the latest issue (#9 dated October 2005), a subscription is just $50 for six issues postpaid to the USA or Canada. Email me privately and I can give you Bill Goodwin's email address for subscription information.
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Richard Hatch
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Postby Tabman » 12/27/05 09:17 PM

Yes, I just got issue #9 from Richard Hatch. He mailed it almost before I ordered it!!! The best.

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Postby Darren Lawbuary » 12/28/05 05:58 AM

If memory serves, I believe Lee Asher had a few copies left of the hard-to-find #3.

Drop by his site for information.

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