slip knot? slydini tie?

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Postby Guest » 09/18/07 06:57 AM

I have the trabell course in magic volumes 1-8. i am having a hard time locating(if it is in there) slipped knot or something to the effect of tying 2 silks together with a knot and it instantly vanishes. Any help would be great

Postby Guest » 09/18/07 07:57 AM

It's commonly called "Slydini Silks" and is readily available from several sources. Tony Clark has a DVD on the effect and Penguin Magic sells a version of the silks with their own explanation of some of the moves.

Postby Brandon Hall » 09/18/07 03:30 PM

It can also be found on Bill Malone's On The Loose Vol. 1.
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Postby Guest » 09/19/07 08:46 AM

you will find the knot on sympathetic silks.

its also a standard knot used in rope ties, since it is basicaly a square knot, which you upset, by pulling on one of the ropes.
I guarentee its there in Tarbell. Otherwise, it will be found in Rice silks.

Its a very old, standard move thats well published. Just more in the lines of rope and string tricks. :)

Postby Joe McIntyre » 09/19/07 01:18 PM

Also find it in,Blackstones modern card tricks and secrets of magic.and amateur magicians handbook. Joe
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Postby Guest » 09/20/07 12:01 AM

The knot, your looking for,and 2 variations on it are on pages
368,369,&370 of Tarbell vol 1.

The whole chapter is called hank/silk knots. I cant think how you missed it. :)

Postby Guest » 09/20/07 06:16 AM

thanks dale for your help.. I was looking up slydini in the refernece section of volume 7 and had no luck....I really appreciate your help.

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