Mylar dustjackets or not?

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Postby Guest » 06/24/07 04:32 PM

i'm beginning to collect magic books.
It's an year or so that i'm doing so.
I'm currently reading the Leo Behnke book "the conservation of magic" where he speaks about mylar dustjackets.
If there are some collectors between you,
what do you think?
It is better to use mylar dustjackes to protect ours collectibles book?
Or it could have the effect of the shrinkwrap,
which is after a while it cold ruin a little the corners of the covers.
Hoping for an opinion of yours best regards.
I live in Italy, where it could seem strange but mylar covers just don't exist.
Where do you suggest i could but from u.s.a?
Best regards

Postby Guest » 06/24/07 06:21 PM

Mylar dustjackets are a great way to protect the covers of your book. I have been in retail bookselling for over 25 years and have been a collector at least that long. I have never had a problem with any of my books that have a protective cover. I would reccomend a company called Brodart, they supply covers to libraries and have an acid free paper to help support the mylar. In the non magical world a book with a perfect dust jacket and one without one can mean as much as 40% of the value of the book, so protecting them is very important. If you have small tears in a jacket this protector will help you make sure that they don't have a chance to grow. They are not cheap, but they are well worth the investment.
Peace, Joe

Postby Guest » 06/25/07 01:02 PM

Here is great place that can answer all your questions, and supply everything you'll need to protect your investment.

Regards, Mark Damon

Postby Guest » 06/28/07 02:01 PM

thanks for the tips and suggestions.
I went to the site, but there are too many dust jackets covers!
Which one should be the best?
The rolls?
The assorted sheets, open-edge with perforations?
I really don't know which one i should buy!

Postby Guest » 06/28/07 04:46 PM

It depends on the books in your collection. The rolls are the least expensive, but then you only get one size. I will tell you is you want the size to be as close to the size of the cover as you can. Speaking from experience, if you get some that are a couple of inches too tall for the jacket they don't fit quite as well. I would look at what you have size wise now and send them an email and see how they can best help you.
Peace, Joe

Postby Guest » 06/30/07 12:42 AM

One of the biggest differences between the mylar book covers and the shrink wrap is that the mylar covers do permit air to circulate around the book. Shrink wrap doesn't. Also, shrink wrap can continue to shrink over time.

At this point, you should measure the books you already have and purchase rolls of mylar dust jacket cover based on what you need the most of.

Work with one size at a time, and that will keep your expenses down.

Postby Guest » 06/30/07 03:32 AM

Thank you very much to all for your precious suggestions!

I have many different books with different sizes.
I'll start, as Mr. Palmer suggests, with one size.
Thanks again :)

Postby Guest » 07/15/07 05:23 AM

Another suggestion on using the Brodart archival covers is that they offer an assorted package of 3 different sizes: Brodart Just-A-Fold III Archival-Quality or an assortment of 5 sizes called Brodart Fold-On Archival Quality also on the same page.

While buying them this way is a little more expensive I find it convenient having the different sizes available. Then when I determined which sizes I needed the most I purchased the precut boxes of 25 or more.

The rolls are cheaper and have less waste with the advantage they can be cut to any length for odd length dust covers. However I like the ease and convenience of the precut. Very seldom are they not long enough for the DJ. Most often it is with the taller (10" or 12") covers so those I buy in the L (2" longer) size.

Also I think the precut would be easier to work with - the cardboard container they give you free (Request: #10-BJC-BOX) makes it easier to pull them out and store. Also I prefer the Just-A-Fold III style but the Fold-On Archival style is another choice.

Bottom line is as others have said - the Brodart covers are excellent. Hope this helps.


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