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Postby Guest » 01/09/07 07:45 AM

I want to get into rope magic. My typical performance starts off close-up and usually grows into a circle of about 20-30 people. I perform for smokers during intermissions at a theatre so I typically only have about 10-15 minutes to do stuff.

I'm not interested in merely fooling and confusing people - I want people's eye's to widen, I want to exceed their expectations of how clever someone can get with a rope as their prop, I want them to be able to make sure its a normal rope and I'd like to be able to do all this surrounded.

Can someone recommend where I might learn how to do this? What kind of rope to use? I'm also wanting to get into the rope and ring stuff - especially anything that can be done with a finger ring.


Postby Guest » 01/09/07 08:14 AM

Begin by buying the Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks by Stewart James. You will have all the rope routines you will ever need. The smokers will have died of lung cancer long before you finish your set.

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Postby Guest » 01/09/07 09:22 AM

If you would want to get your spectators involved and interacting, then check out the Hunter Knot

Postby Guest » 01/09/07 11:56 AM

A few years back at a convension, I had the pleasure of seeing Aldo Colombini do a lecture. He did an extremely entertaining ring and rope routine (10 to 15 min in length). I think he also sold a tape containing explanations of all the moves, etc. Some of the routine was new stuff, other parts were old things like throwing a ring into a knot. I remember learning that one many years ago from Will Goldston's book, Tricks of The Masters, if memory serves me right. I will dig through my convention notes to see if I can find the name of his tape or routine, maybe someone here knows it off hand?

If you've ever seen Aldo, his magic is great, but it's his personality and charm that you will never forget.

Regards, Mark

Postby Pete Biro » 01/09/07 01:08 PM

The (Roy) Johnson Ring trick with a finger ring and rope is excellent and meets all your requirements. I believe it may still be available from
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Postby Guest » 01/09/07 05:06 PM

Slavatron, you're in luck. Catallog #43 from L&L

just came today. Six guys are doing seven ring on

rope routines.Two by Aldo.These are not finger

rings .Daryl has a short routine using a 4" ring

This is a DVD and cost $19.95. It is a 90 min. DVD

here's the best part. With any puchase you get

free a DVD of 24 pro's doing magic-this is like

the one Richard gave with Genii a couple of years


Postby Guest » 01/09/07 05:20 PM


If you are looking for eye-popping, visual rope moves, you HAVE to check out the DVD "Fiber Optics" by Richard Sanders. Great stuff and I am having a blast learning the moves. No gimmicks, can be done surrounded (nice for your venue)and you can make up your own routine with the moves that are taught. I sometimes do a double take while practicing in front of a mirror and, hey, I know how the moves are done. :D

Any magic dealer should have this DVD in stock. No "special" rope needed. Good luck.

Postby Guest » 01/11/07 05:11 PM

Not to dispute the earlier suggestions, do not overlook some of the "classics" of rope magic, such as George Sands' _Improved Rope'sational_. It contains eight effects so that you can tailor your presentation to the time available. It does not destroy rope, unlike many other routines.

For a ring and rope routine, some have suggested using fine looking cord, as found in fabric shops.

Old Jack.

Postby Guest » 01/17/07 10:21 AM

Yes "fiber optics" is the greatest rope routine ever invented, but you asked about a ring, and rope routine. "Full circle" uses the same moves as "fiber optics", with the addition of a ring. They use no gimmicks, not even scissors, everything is examinable before, and after, and they play well in the round for two people, or two hundred people. These two tricks are the ultimet in rope magic. The ironic thing about them is niether one of these trick inventors have any knowledge that the other one exists, I have asked both of them, and niether one of them believed me, so lets keep it our little secret.
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