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Postby Guest » 12/31/02 07:17 PM

I`ve found in my 2 years of off and on again magic that there are to different types of people
ones that know its not actual magic but still are amazed at the trick and those that think you are Tring to do actual magic for them and they say [censored] like you just had it in the other hand or down your sleeve or you must have peeked at my card. first is their anyway to spot the second type out of a crowd and second is their anyway to deal with these types or are they just hopelessly sceptic!

PS dose anyone have any really adult (dirty) type tricks! :D :confused: :cool:

Postby Guest » 01/02/03 11:59 AM

Choosing the right assistant is a knack one has to develop through trial and error. Over time you will get better at it.
I tend to look for people that are enjoyind the show, laughing at the jokes and having a good time. You want someone who is slightly gregarious but not so outgoing that they will take over the show.
As for those who keep trying to bust you by saying you peeked or it went up your sleeve. Maybe you should think about how you are presenting ytour material. If your just demonstrating tricks then you are in effect challenging your audience and they are going to respond to that challenge by trying to figure out the puzzles you are presenting them with. You should work on routines that are designed to entertain and engage your audience. The more ones audience is involved in your presentations the less likely they are to try and figure them out while you are performing them.

Postby Guest » 01/02/03 08:47 PM

Payne is right. YOU must choose the level of interaction with your audience. If you choose to 'challenge' them, that is the level they respond to. If you choose to interact with them on a higher level, they will follow you - if you are consistent and genuine in your approach.

You may still run across the occasional renegade but they will be much easier to deal with with the rest of the folks on your 'wavelength'. You may find that the audience can become self-policing, squelching the troublemaker because he is ruining the fun for the rest.

In choosing assistants, I like to begin with a female - one who is a little quiet but not too shy with a sense of humor. Have fun with her, treat her like a lady and make her comfortable and look good in front of the rest - and half the battle is won! --Asrah

Postby Bill Mullins » 01/03/03 12:42 AM

Originally posted by neil atherton:
dose anyone have any really adult (dirty) type tricks!
Contrast this request with Leipzig's statement that people like to be fooled by a gentleman.
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Postby Guest » 01/04/03 04:10 PM

Yes, this problem was always annoying in my first years in magic. Now after 24 years its going well almost everytime. I think you need to practise and learn every aspect by the magic art.
Its not easy to entertain people.
But if they dont like you then the game will be over. You must make them to like you as a magician. You can also try to do magic with music, its much more easier. Play loud then it will be impossible to disturb.
Somedaty you will get all experience that the working performer has, hard work is the solution!

Postby Guest » 03/04/03 08:36 PM

About the dirty trick thing. These are some retail effects that are "dirty": Magic Ding Dong by Gosh, Every inch a lady by Emerson & West, there was an x rated monte where the third had an explicit verse not quite sure of the mfg. I think anyone who carries D. Robbins (e-z magic) should be able to get it, dirty mind deck forum novelty is the mfg. I believe, Pea can (be imaginative with this), Bar Room Balloons by Roger Segal had a nic effect with a peeing balloon dog.( you will also need a tree of hearts card) Oh, and for the three card monte thing get some blank face cards and you can make the force card say anything you want. I have two additional cards one says Wrong Card A**Hole! the other says Not Tonight I have a headache! Also learn some good sponge ball routines and you'll have endless blue humor... and use the magic ding dong as a finale!
Hope this was some help...
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Postby Guest » 03/04/03 08:45 PM

To add to my previous post, the wrong card a**hole! is a great thing for the heckler, also check out the book sleight of tounge I think written by Harry Allen. I also have another suggestion for the "dirty trick" category...
Card in zipper. Just make sure you have the type of personality that will allow you to get away with performing these tricks, not everyone can pulloff material like this without being offensive. Also learn to judge what types of audiences are receptive to this type of material, if you work comedy clubs this usually isn't much of a problem.

Postby John Bodine » 03/05/03 11:41 AM

There was also a small manuscript put out by Busby? titled SMUT Magic. In it were several poems with accompanying moves. The poems were a bit trashy and would fall into the adult category. I have the manuscript but have never performed any of the effects.

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Postby Richard Kaufman » 03/05/03 12:18 PM

"Smut Magic" was written by ... P. Howard Lyons.
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