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Postby Guest » 04/04/02 03:53 PM

Hi there. Does anyone have a source for rope. I really like Daryl's "Thick Rope", but I'd like to be able to get it, or something comparable, in a larger quantity. I don't like Camirand's because it has a "flatness" about it. Apparently Daryl's comes from Japan. Any help is, of course, appreciated!

Postby Guest » 04/06/02 12:13 PM

Hi John,

Why not try asking Daryl via his website at ? Maybe he can put you in touch with a source nearer to home. Who knows?

kind regards,

Graham Nichols.

Postby Brian Marks » 04/06/02 12:51 PM

Daryl actually sells the brand of rope he uses
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Postby Guest » 04/15/02 06:59 AM

Sorry for the late post.

I've been doing a routine Tim Conover taught me for a couple of years now that requires no cutting of the rope. (A routine similar to Tabary's) Tim suggested I go to the hardware store and get the thickest rope they have. I cut it to the required lenghts and seal the ends with a glue gun. It is not cotton, but a set lasts for three or four months of tradeshows. (I love the routine and perform it almost every show.) Pluses, it stays cleaner, longer and costs about 80 cents a foot. Minuses, it gets a bit "stringy" over time.

What are the pluses and minuses of the other ropes that have been mentioned?


Postby Guest » 04/18/02 07:20 PM

Tried that, Graham. To no avail. I will look into some regular store rope, Mark. The kind Daryl sells is nice because it is just supple enough. Anyway, I'll let you know what I find! Thanks everyone!

Postby Guest » 04/23/02 12:09 PM

I have some great rope that I sell for $15 for 25 feet if you are interested e-mail me!
Great quality stuff soft and super white!

Postby Guest » 04/23/02 03:24 PM

I am interested in learning a commercial rope routine.Must be easy to reset and angle friendly.
Can anyone reccommend a suitable book,video or UK
based teacher ?

Postby Guest » 04/23/02 03:32 PM

Hi there!
Have you ever heard of Full Circle?
It is a rope routine that a friend and myself marketed.
It's great!
It is a ring and rope routine/professors nightmare/3 ropes and a baby routine all rolled into one!
Perfect for Walk around/Strolling magic, Parlour and stage!
If you are interested e-mail me!

The price is $20 and you get a 20 minute instructional video, thick elite rope, and ring!

good luck!
If anyone else is interested drop me a line!

-Rick :D :D :D

Postby Guest » 04/23/02 06:23 PM

Rick, that's a great product you guys put out! Martin, it may be just the thing you're looking for! Well worth the money. Rick, if you wholesale the rope you told me about, I'll put a local dealer in touch with you. Let me know. Thanks!

Postby David Nethery » 04/28/02 12:40 PM

How thick is the rope that Daryl sells ?

I'm looking for cotton rope (no core, or something that I can remove the core from) between 5/8" to 6/8" (3/4") of an inch thick ; big, wide, very visual from the back of the house.
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Postby Jeff Haas » 04/28/02 11:41 PM

Slightly off-topic, but there seem to be a bunch of people who know rope...

I'd like to buy an entire spool of standard magician's rope. This is for a routine that will use up about eight feet of rope every performance, so buying it fifty feet at a time isn't what I'd like. Where can I get the best price on a spool?

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