Gilbreath principle

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Postby Rennie » 04/28/03 07:12 AM

I have noticed several inquiries regarding this principle and thought I would share this with you.This weekend I purchased Goldsteins / Mavens new book Redivider and he has an effect using this principle and he states "This principle first saw print in the July 1958 Linking Ring magazine.Well I looked it up and here is what Norman Gilbreath says at the start of his article " I have been interested in magic for 10 years. I am a math major at the University of California in Los Angeles ( UCLA). Being a supporter of the Art of Magic, I have created over 150 good tricks and many others not so good. Here are a couple I hope you can use" The trick he describes is really neat using his principle. At the end of the trick he says "( Note to mathmaticians ; principle of the trick ; all numbers of the form 2N plus 1 are odd )"Of course this makes no sense to me but maybe someone out there understands it. The trick is called Magnetic Colors and is self working
The effect is the important thing, how you achieve is not !!
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