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Postby Steve Bryant » 03/28/04 09:10 PM

I just posted the March edition of Little Egypt Magic , the most significant item being a review of Lewis Jones' fat new book, Seventh Heaven. It's a complete revamping of seven of his earlier mss and is quite a book. Check it out.
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Postby Guest » 05/07/04 03:39 AM

Hey Steve,

Thanks for the link. The resources you provide to the magic community through your The Little Egypt online magazine is simply fabulous!

Just wanted to say Thank You for the Little Egypt Gazette and the current online content.


Postby Jon Elion » 05/09/04 04:32 AM

This book is WONDERFUL (sorry, I didnt mean to shout)! I have already read through it once, and now must go back and savor it again with a long slow read. I dont know if this was intended, but there is an added bonus benefit from reading the book; it does a great job teaching critical thinking. I find it fascinating and quite educational to look at Mr. Jones' analysis of a routine, and watch him work through what he thought were the deficiencies, and see what he came up with to correct them. This is teaching by example; it has already helped me have a more critical eye in analyzing routines and effects.

I won't attempt to review the whole book, as Steve Bryant's already has an excellent summary in the March issue of Little Egypt Magic. It's every bit as good as Steve says (and then some!).

Well, that's enough typing, I have go back to my book now...
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