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Postby Guest » 03/08/02 12:52 AM

I am interested in learning more about the sleight that enables one to project cards several feet into the air one after the other. Anyone know where I can find mpore info? I have recently seen Princess Tenko preform the sleight and wanted to know more.


Postby Guest » 03/10/02 01:38 PM

Hi Noel. I was privileged to see a performance by Swedish card master Lennart Green last month in Manchester and he performed some amazing projections of the kind you describe. I bought his Video, Green Magic vol 1 in which he demonstrates what he calls his Top Shot and Thumb Shot. I have tried to reproduce these without any success.I'm lucky to just get the card to fall off the top of the pack - Lennart shoots it off so fast you can hardly see it and then he catches it!

Postby Guest » 03/10/02 05:46 PM

If you take a rubber thimble, the kind one puts on the tip of their finger to count bills or seperate pages easily, one can put their finger (with rubber tip on) on the back of the card and by flicking hard it will propel the card quickly and powerfully outward. My memory may be faulty but I seem to recall Mike Ammar showing me that many years ago.

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Postby Pete Biro » 03/11/02 09:30 PM

Bin Lin, a young Chinese lady, just won the WMS $5,000 with an act that was 97% card spinning... Juliana Chen also does this incredibly well.

Mainly, practice four to six hour a day for about three years... (which I KNOW Juliana did and still does).

HAND STRENGTH IS A HUGE NECECCITY. Juliana can open a new deck of Bike cards and with a couple of squeezes to loosen 'em up can BACK PALM all 52 of 'em.
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Postby Guest » 03/11/02 10:17 PM

Back palm all 52! Wow. That is amazing, while I don't aspire to become anywhere near that good, I would like to learn as much as possible about sleight of hand work with cards. Can anyone suggest any videos/DVDs that would be helpful in these areas? I am considering purchasing the complete set by Daryl "The Encyclopedia of Card Sleights" on DVD that LL released. I like to stick to videos and DVDs because I find that it is much easier for me to mimic someone's movements when I can see them in action. Unfortunately in my area (Biloxi, MS) I don't know of any other magicians that I could learn from, and I don't get to New Orleans that often so that option is out unfortunately as it seems to be a mecca of magic, of sorts. Anyhow, thanks for any suggestions you might have for me.

Noel H

Postby Pete Biro » 03/11/02 10:28 PM

If it is just card sleights you want start with Expert Card Technique, and maybe Card College... don't try to learn too much too fast... but most of all learn it right. Learning wrong and practicing wrong will kill you...

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Postby Guest » 03/11/02 10:31 PM

Thanks for the suggestions. I am willing and finally at a stage in my life (at age 29) where I can put the time and effort into my love of magic, and hopefully treat it with the respect it deserves.

Postby Guest » 03/16/02 02:32 PM

I do a different type of card projectiling. I use my middle finger and my ring finger to launch the card. I was able to boomerang a card out about 8 feet and catch it in my other hand within a week and was able to shoot a card about 20 feet, fast, using the same technique within the same week practicing about 2-3 hours a day. I learned it from a website at

Hope this helps you out.


Postby Sean Piper » 03/16/02 02:39 PM

Here's a site you might like:

The Encyclopedia of Card Shooting

I found this a while back, and put it into favourites because I thought it might come in handy... and now it has.

The best part is, there are video clips of nearly every method explained!!

Make sure you take a look!
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Postby Guest » 03/18/02 12:40 PM

Thanks Aaron and Sean for the links to the card launching pages. Lots of information!


Postby Guest » 03/18/02 01:52 PM

Your welcome!


Postby Guest » 03/30/02 07:08 PM

I think Daryl's DVD are great. I started with them about 5 years ago. I know they are not every card slieght but I must say they have helped me out. I have other books on the subject but seeing it happen on tape is the best way for me. Also I believe he gives you a good back ground about the tech. If I were to tell anyone were to start it would have to be Daryl. If you work with the tape you will have learn just take it slow and build as you go. Some of the first card tricks I learned I have now modified and made better from what was learned in those tapes. Only think that made me mad was that I just got the last to volumes on VHS and then the hole thing came out on DVD. I plan to get a set soon. Just so I will never have to worry about not being able to see after the VHS degrades. Hope that helps.

Postby Richard Kaufman » 03/31/02 08:46 AM

The business about wearing a rubber thimble on your finger in order to shoot cards out is an idea by Audley Walsh--I think it's in "The Phoenix."
One of the best methods for this is the "Lorayne Card Spin" which I believe is in his book "Reputation Makers."
Some of these methods shoot cards off the bottom (Lennart Green's is like this, I think) and Lorayne's method shoots cards off the top.
My real thoughts on this are: if you are just going to shoot cards all over the place, forget it. Learn to juggle Indian Clubs, it's more impressive.
If you really want to shoot cards out of the deck, then find a great trick in which to do it--and that trick will force you to select a method that shoots them from either the top or bottom, and that will in turn help you select a method.
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